Compose for Wear OS 1.2.0-alpha03 was released on ...
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Compose for Wear OS 1.2.0-alpha03 was released on Wed 25th Jan. It includes migration of ScalingLazyColumn from Material to Foundation.Lazy - this new location more closely matches that of and is a more natural home, as ScalingLazyColumn is not an opinionated Material component. Please see here for a script that updates your imports to the new location. See the release notes for additional details.
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Do we now how material3 SLC is likely to differ?
I've just released Horologist 0.3.0 against this alpha using the new packages.
It should show up in the maven repo in about 20 minutes?
Use 0.2.8 if you want to stick with Wear Compose 1.1 for now
There will be no material3 SLC. That is why we have migrated it to foundation. SLC doesn't have anything that comes from the material theme.