Hi all, I try to disable name wrangling for all pr...
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Hi all, I try to disable name wrangling for all properties of a class using JsExport annotation. But it is not working for properties implemented by an interface. The interface definition is normally inside the multiplatform/commonMain section, so I cannot use external interfaces. Is there any workaround for this problem? I am using Kotlin 1.8.0
by "common", do you mean the commonMain sourceSet of a multiplatform project? if so, does it work with
expect interface TestInterface
under src/commonMain/kotlin, then an
actual external interface TestInterface
under the src/jsMain/kotlin ?
Yes, I mean commonMain in my multiplatform project. But it does not work ­čś×
But my specific use case is to just access the properties after having it parsed with JSON.parse(). Somehow, it is possible to cast the object to the interface and use that property to get it working. This should also explain why the external interface is not working.