Hi! Is there a way to get the `browserRun` task to...
# compose-web
Hi! Is there a way to get the
task to also recompile my Kotlin code when it changes?
./gradlew -t browserRun
Why can't you use the browserRun --continuous ??
FYI -t is the same as --continuous
when I try to run with
--continuous browserRun
, it doesn't end up recompiling my Kotlin. So I'll make change in my *.kt files and the browser will reload, but nothing changes ­čś×
I'm also seeing this warning... maybe it's related?
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Execution optimizations have been disabled for task ':web:browserDevelopmentRun' to ensure correctness due to the following reasons:
  - Gradle detected a problem with the following location: '/home/tzhu/Projects/reflex/build/js/packages/reflex-web/kotlin/reflex-web.js'. Reason: Task ':web:browserDevelopmentRun' uses this output of task ':web:developmentExecutableCompileSync' without declaring an explicit or implicit dependency. This can lead to incorrect results being produced, depending on what order the tasks are executed. Please refer to <https://docs.gradle.org/7.6/userguide/validation_problems.html#implicit_dependency> for more details about this problem.