Hey everyone Xcode is not able to generate preview...
# ios
Hey everyone Xcode is not able to generate previews and crashes as soon as I write any code from the
module in it (image attached below for the same). If I remove any code that is coming from Kotlin (or the
module), the previews start working fine again ­čĹŹ I'm using Kotlin version
and the
Regular framework
in iOS instead of
since Cocoapods was not able to generate any previews at all. The regular framework is at least able to generate previews for code purely written in Swift & Xcode. While crashing, this is the crash log that the Xcode is giving me: https://pastebin.com/FemVAay4
I have tried this on friday on example app, and previews works nice. Could you try the KampKit example app?
Sure.. I'll have a look.. thank you Jan :)