# getting-started

Xhivat Hoxhiq

02/01/2023, 2:45 PM
Hi, I am struggling to get into the world of
library development. I Followed this guide I cloned the repository, fetched the submodules, checked out the v1.3.0 tag, used the script to get the Android SDK. Just in case I used sdkman to download the correct java version but, Android Studio, which I got the exact version that they specify in the guide seems to take care of that and grab java 11, as specified in the gradle files of the project presumably. The
Developing in IDE
section has 5 steps, I made sure to follow them and sure enough the project opens and I can edit it. There's a few issues though... The gradle sync fails, I'll leave a screenshot to this, and there's no intellisense/autocompletion. I can however build and run the
configuration. So I tried fixing this but no luck, and I should mention I am a complete beginner to build systems in general and especially gradle, the size of this project doesn't help either. (This part only for extra context feel free to ignore as it's not a big deal if this doesn't work, would be sweet if it did though) So that led me to try emacs with the
package, it seemed to work initially but soon I realized I got many problems with the LSP reporting stuff as being build with the wrong version of Kotlin. I am mentioning emacs mostly for context as I expect the easy solution to be Android Studio, which sadly I can only barely get away with running due to having only 12 gigs of ram and I don't want to slow down gradle too much by limiting it's resources to less than 4gigs. It would be amazing if someone could show me the workflow when doing compose library development, and would save me so many days of pain lol Here's the Android Studio screenshot of some of the messages I'm getting.