Does anybody know why gradle download groovy-provi...
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Does anybody know why gradle download groovy-provider(%3F).pom every time i rebuild?
Besides that the question does not fit the channel topic, hard to say what you do in your build to cause that without you showing it. ;-)
The channel topic is gradle, this is an issue with gradle. It seems to have been encountered before: I also don’t have any direct dependencies on groovy groovy-provider doesn’t even seem to be a thing on the public maven repo
The name is gradle, not the topic. Read the channel topic. 😉
And even if this were a general Gradle channel, if this only happens during syncing in IntelliJ, it might more be an IntelliJ topic, not a Gradle topic. I've never seen any
file being downloaded or synced anywhere.
It happens whenever i build, not to do with intellij. Never mind, i’ll try and track down the issue, thanks
If you would just read the channel topic, you would immediately find a hint where your question is better suited. 😉
Have a look at the info or debug logs, maybe they help to determine where it comes from. As I said, hard to guess from afar without you providing your build or better an MCVE.
Yeah noticed this behavior too in the past. Maybe some of your dependencies use a snapshot version.