when using the umbrella module approach for adding...
# multiplatform
when using the umbrella module approach for adding kmm as a dependency to an iOS app, can a non-umbrella module contain pod dependencies? I get this error for all iOS targets.
Undefined symbols for architecture [iOSTarget]:
Right now, the cocoapods plugin doesn’t tell modules that depend on yours to pull down the pods. I think when the link-only pods land, we’ll be able to add the same pods to the umbrella module until they fully implement propagating pod dependencies.
Until link-only pods come (I think 1.8.20, but could be wrong), you can copy the framework into your project and link manually in your umbrella module.
I think you can apply the cocoapods plugin in the other module and use that to configure the pod dependency, and then just don't use the pod produced by that module
I’ve had bad experiences with cinterop being used in a module that depends on another that has the same cinterop. There’s some sort of symbol conflict.
oh yeah that's possible.
I believe this was the reason for requesting link-only pods
It’s entirely possible they’ve fixed the cinterop symbol conflicts, but I’d think they would have mentioned this. I know it wasn’t fixed as of 1.7.20