# ksp


02/07/2023, 5:08 AM
Hi, in a multi-module kotlin multiplatform project, if you set a processor with kspCommonMainMetadata in one module, ksp fails if asked to resolve any type that is declared in any of the other local modules.
For example, given two multi-platform modules A, and B: • a type T is declared in B in its commonMain directory. • A has a dependency on B and uses the type T in its commonMain directory. • a ksp proccessor is set on A with kspCommonMainMetadata
Then, if the processor tries to resolve type T, it fails
However, if the same type is declared in an external library instead of a local module or you target a different compilation (kspJvm, ...), ksp is able to resolve the type. Am I missing something and this is the expected behavior?