Hey guys! I'm new to server development with sprin...
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Hey guys! I'm new to server development with spring and I was wondering if there are any helpful resources out there specifically for Kotlin language (most I've seen are for Java language). Please I'd really appreciate any pointers. Thanks
Thanks, @sdeleuze! I've seen this before, but I was wondering if there's another docs specifically for REST APIs. This tutorial is for a full-stack application.
We don't have translated all Spring guides to Kotlin, and don't have short term plan to do so, but people can maybe share other tutorials.
Ah, I see. Thanks regardless.
I have a sample that demonstrates using Spring HATEOAS in Kotlin. https://github.com/open-jumpco/kfsm-spring-rest
There's also the Spring time in Kotlin series on the Kotlin YouTube channel.
hi @Manasseh There is also this good course from Jetbrains (free) coursera.org/learn/kotlin-for-java-developers She also is the author of Kotlin in Action
Hey @Alexandre A Barbosa Thanks for the recommendation. I appreciate
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