Hi all! I've been playing with the new Kotlin/Wasm...
# webassembly
Hi all! I've been playing with the new Kotlin/Wasm stuff. Very exciting ­čÖé One question... It seems the gc Chrome flag (chrome://flags/#enable-webassembly-garbage-collection) isn't in 109 but in 110. But maybe I'm doing something wrong. Anyone know?
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I believe wasm gc was behind a launch parameter up until 110 and only just now is in the chrome://flags menu at all
Seems consistent with my experience. I was on 109 and following these instructions: Chrome. For version 109 or later: 1. Go to
in your browser. --- Which didn't work. I had to update to 110 to get it to work.
@bashor Maybe worth to update the instructions. With chrome 109, you have to use the command line parameter.
Right the flag in the Chrome UI is available only since 110. The idea was like try to change in IU, if you there no option use command line option. Probably need some rewording.