I hope I'm missing something but the design of the...
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I hope I'm missing something but the design of the
for the versioning plugin seems to have a scaling problem. I did three versions.
was 41.6 MB I made some small changes and created 1.0.1.
was 84.4 MB I then made no changes but built a 1.0.2
was 127.2 MB So after the first release the
was 41.6 MB, after the second release it was 126.0 MB, after the third release it was 253.2 MB. This is scaling exponentially. I understand that each version contains a copy of all the other versions, but should we be storing each copy so many times. Do we just need the latest version since it contains all the others, or is there something in each version we can copy out that doesn't have the other versions.
That sounds a lot like https://github.com/Kotlin/dokka/issues/1940, which was fixed then, at least
Does sound like it. The directory structure has changed a bit, but the work around there should still work. Thanks for pointing to that.
It's worth adding a comment to the issue too, I think - it certainly doesn't sound fixed
I will
So things are better than in the original ticket. The size of each version is not growing exponentially but instead linearly. The problem is the folder holding all the releases are growing exponentially.
Created https://github.com/Kotlin/dokka/issues/2856 The current solution seems to be to delete a folder called
in the release before archiving it for the next version.