# squarelibraries

Shubham Singh

02/12/2023, 3:50 AM
Hi everyone I'm working on a KMP project that supports Android, iOS, JVM (Desktop), and JS, and naturally, the first thought in mind for persistence was to use SQLDelight. Therefore trying to follow the documentation, I tried setting it up. It works perfectly fine for all platforms except for JS where it only behaves as an IN-MEMORY DB (i.e. the data is not persisted through webpage refreshes). I was trying to Google a solution when I found this conversation in the #compose-web channel where they mention:
You cannot connect to db from the browser environment. It's not compose-web specific limitation. Sqldelight for kotlin js is meant to be used in nodejs server environment.
So I wanted to check in this group whether it is true? Or is there any way by which we could persist data in JS using SQLDelight? Note: Because of some configuration issues, I am not using the latest version of SQLDelight, I'm using the stable version