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02/15/2023, 2:06 PM
What is the state of KMongo? The latest release states:
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This version should be the last release in the KMongo repo (if no critical bug found).
A MR is planned to move the code into the MongoDB repository :champagne::clinking_glasses:
That's cool and all but where can we get an ETA? Is there an official MongoDB issue we can follow? I'm stuck on KMongo 4.7.2 because the Java Mongo Driver has issue on version 4.8.0, which KMongo depends on. Now it has been fixed in subsequent 4.8.x patches, but KMongo was not updated. I could use some Gradle black magic to use KMongo 4.8.0 with Mongo 4.8.x but I'm kinda against that. Now the Java Mongo Driver has been updated to 4.9.0 with a bunch of fixes and features. What do we do?
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