Hi, I'm doing the quick start guide <https://githu...
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Hi, I'm doing the quick start guide https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlindl/blob/master/docs/create_your_first_nn.md 1. Under build.gradle.kts i've imported the following dependencies(refer to attached screenshot) 2. Under QuickStart.ks its unable to recognise mnist dataset "import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.dl.dataset.mnist" is there something that i'm missing? 3. I also noticed the following imports are greyed i'm not too sure if this is normal as
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import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.dl.api.core.activation.Activations
import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.dl.api.core.loss.Losses
import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.dl.api.core.metric.Metrics
import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.dl.api.core.optimizer.Adam
import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.dl.dataset.mnist
Hope someone would guide me, thank you
https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlindl/issues/519 we will try to fix this week, we see your problem, thanks
All the embedded datasets have been moved to the "embedded" package, so the correct import would be
import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.dl.dataset.embedded.mnist
. Imports are greyed out because the imported classes are not used in the code yet. When you're finished with this file, you can look at the imports again and just remove the ones that are still grey.