I just updated to Kotlin 1.8.0 and Compose JB 1.3....
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I just updated to Kotlin 1.8.0 and Compose JB 1.3.0, and now I'm having issues with serializer not found for enum classes in a different module. I remember there used to be some issues with both of these plugins living together in the same module. Does that still exist? Is there a known workaround?
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With compose-jb 1.3.0 it should work because it applies the serialization plugin first.
I'm having the issue with compose-jb 1.3.0. I've also tried applying the serialization plugin first.
Try clean build, if you didn’t. I had similar issue and seems like IC malfunctioned.
I tried that multiple times. The issue was also reproduced in CI, which has no build caches, etc
to work around this, I moved the classes outside of the compose-jb module.