Hello, is it possible to use Kotlin Jupyter in VSC...
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Hello, is it possible to use Kotlin Jupyter in VSCode? I can import
but any kotlin code is "unresolved". Anybody had any success with Kotlin in VSCode ?
Kotlin in VSCode over all is underwhelming but the extension makes JVM Kotlin somewhat work. You really should simply use IntelliJ to make your life easier
If you’re interested in using Kotlin Notebooks and want to have IDE support, you can check out this experimental plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. It’s a great way to enhance your Kotlin Notebook experience!
In my case we are using Kubeflow Notebooks which are on the cloud. Therefore we can only use any browser based IDE (like jupyterlab or vscode code server). Kotlin notebooks works well in Jupyterlab but we made the switch to VSCode (code-server). Any plan to publish a VSCode extension?