Hi, We are using DescribeSpec. Currently I am tran...
# kotest
Hi, We are using DescribeSpec. Currently I am transforming some TestNG Classes to kotest and run into the issue to change the amount of invocations I found this Pull Request, but when I look into config with `describe(“foo”).config() I can see only:
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fun config(
      enabled: Boolean? = null,
      enabledIf: EnabledIf? = null,
      enabledOrReasonIf: EnabledOrReasonIf? = null,
      tags: Set<Tag>? = null,
      timeout: Duration? = null,
      failfast: Boolean? = null,
      blockingTest: Boolean? = null,
      coroutineTestScope: Boolean? = null,
      test: suspend T.() -> Unit
When I try to do that at the root level overriding the
function as described here, I see that this method is now deprecated, but I do not understand how else to do that. Maybe someone can help me?
Are you wanting to run the same test multiple times ?
yes 🙂
I implemented it now using the
, but stull look for an alternative as that seems to be deprecated 🙂