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02/24/2023, 10:26 PM
A mod in #meta recommended this channel after I asked if there was a channel that covered porting Kotlin to new platforms. Currently I have made some changes to a forked Kotlin code base ( ) to add rp2040 ( ) as an unofficial Kotlin target. Some key things are missing that I want to sort out which include the following: • Connecting the official ARM GNU tool chain ( ; GCC based & uses Newlib Standard library ) to the code base (incl sysroot and other important paths that the code base requires) • Forcing the Kotlin compiler to omit the linking step and only generate a static library file for the rp2040 target • Figure out what is meant by configurables and supply the necessary stuff that is relevant to the rp2040 target When building the Kotlin code base an error appears about a unresolved JDK 7 dependency (some attempts are made to fetch the dependency from a Space server). As an added bonus I would like to automate the entire build via Gradle for the rp2040 target if possible, although that may not be feasible since the Raspberry Pi Pico SDK ( ; also covers uC's that use the RP2040 uC chip ) uses CMake for generating a heavily optimized binary (via a tool provided by the SDK) from a static library file.
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Adam S

02/25/2023, 10:49 AM
This sounds exciting! I would like to help. Could you enable issues and/or discussions on your fork? blob smile


02/26/2023, 2:40 AM
Unfortunately there is no way enable the Issue Tracker on the fork. JetBrains disabled the Issue Tracker on the original Kotlin repository a long time ago, hence there is no option to enable the Issue Tracker 😦. I'm looking to see if there is an alternative way to have discussions on the fork. Update: It turns out there is a setting to enable the Issue Tracker that is in an obscure location in Settings. The Issue Tracker is now enabled on the fork 😄.
After installing JDK 7 via SDK Man the Kotlin code base now builds successfully, although that only works for the Kotlin JVM & Kotlin JS compilers.


06/30/2023, 2:27 PM
Hey, do you have any status? Did it work?