Hello everyone :wave:, My name is Divyansh and I ...
# gsoc
Hello everyone 👋, My name is Divyansh and I am an Electronics undergraduate from India. Since my freshman year in college, which began in November 2020, I have been learning Android development and developing apps. Last year, I started my journey into open-source software development by participating in the Google Summer of Code 2022. During this time, I was mentored by the AnkiDroid organisation and worked on migrating the codebase from AsyncTask to Kotlin Coroutines as part of my GSoC project. Additionally, I also worked on migrating the remaining Java files to Kotlin. I am particularly interested in contributing to the "Improve support for parameter forwarding in the Kotlin Plugin" project. I typically use gradle.kts for my scripts and I love it. As correctly stated on the project's page, an example is, Jetpack Compose, which heavily relies on the composition pattern. Thus, better IDE support for it would be incredibly helpful to me as well as the entire community. I have been using Kotlin as my primary programming language for over two years and would relish the opportunity to build 🔨 something amazing that is useful to the community 😇 Divyansh Kushwaha https://github.com/divyanshdxn