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Uli Niggemann

02/26/2023, 3:26 PM
Hi everybody, as AppCode is sunsetting I am currently evaluating some alternatives. Right now, I try to run the
plugin. The installation itself seems to succeed
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Installed plugin version:	1.2.1
Bundled plugin version:		1.2.1

Language spec installed: Yes
LLDB init installed: Yes
LLDB Xcode init sources main LLDB init: No

Installed Xcode versions:
✔	Xcode 14.2 (14C11a)	C91F3560-00E7-4749-8E3F-4D83B1496051	/Applications/
✔	Xcode 14.1 (14B47a)	B8A1C62D-289E-476A-B0CD-B16ADBDD8395	/Applications/
✔	Xcode 14.2 (14C11a)	C91F3560-00E7-4749-8E3F-4D83B1496051	/Applications/

✔ - plugin is compatible, x - plugin is not compatible
Run 'xcode-kotlin sync' to add compatibility for all listed Xcode versions.
but I do not have Code-Highlighting or source-navigation nor code completion. Do I miss something? Is it linked to
LLDB Xcode init sources main LLDB init: No
? Thanks for a hint!


02/26/2023, 3:46 PM
You did the bit about the application code? I forget the exact mechanics, but it is detailed on the github page for the plugin

Uli Niggemann

02/26/2023, 3:49 PM
Hi Mark, I have completed the three steps to add the existing KMP-Source-Files to the Xcode-workspace. The files are there - but that’s it…
I think I am missing something essential (hopefully not so trivial 😉)


02/26/2023, 4:01 PM
If you've only moved files that's not enough. There's something about application id... err... something

Uli Niggemann

02/26/2023, 4:10 PM
The type seems to be known (even is not selected by default). Unfortunately setting it to kotlin doesn’t change a thing…
well, that’s enough for today. But I’m happy about tips for tomorrow... Thank you very much for your help


02/27/2023, 1:52 AM
There's no source nav and no completion. Xcode isn't friendly to extension. The xcode plugin is designed for debugging but not editing kotlin code. You are seeing source coloring in that screenshot. Basically, the plugin was never meant to compete with a full editor, and xcode extension is rather limited, so we couldn't really do it even if we had that as a goal.

Uli Niggemann

02/27/2023, 12:40 PM
Ok, that makes sense. I have made a couple of tests and the debugging seems to work perfectly fine. Sorry for my high expectations, this indeed is very helpful. Thanks a lot!

Travis Reitter

04/04/2023, 5:04 AM
this applies to auto-formatting (including indent-upon-wrap) for the same reason? Xcode doesn't seem to indent the next line when I hit Return in Kotlin files