With M2 theme, at some point I had this kind of co...
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With M2 theme, at some point I had this kind of code
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val someColor = if (MaterialTheme.colors.isLight) {
} else {
But in m3,
doesn’t exist anymore. Is there some other way I can get this information straight from the MaterialTheme object?
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I guess I have to go with
directly and assume that my MaterialTheme is actually following whatever that returned. But it may not be the case, as I may have overwritten that for some small part of the UI or whatever 🤔
There was some good points on the issue: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/208860800#comment7
Yeah good points indeed. Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention! This does make it less convenient, as previously I’d simply add an extension function on (m2)Colors and call that like MaterialTheme.colors.customThing. But I think I understand the reasoning behind it. I ended up doing basically this, for someone else to see if they encounter the same issue (AppName as a way to identify these are custom, in my case those are all just “Hedvig”):
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internal val LocalAppNameMaterial3ColorScheme = staticCompositionLocalOf<AppNameMaterial3ColorScheme> {
  error("AppNameMaterial3ColorScheme not provided")

class AppNameMaterial3ColorScheme(
  val containedButtonContainer: Color,
  val onContainedButtonContainer: Color,

internal fun darkAppNameColorScheme(
  colorScheme: ColorScheme,
) = AppNameMaterial3ColorScheme(
  containedButtonContainer = colorScheme.tertiary,
  onContainedButtonContainer = colorScheme.onTertiary,

internal fun lightAppNameColorScheme(
  colorScheme: ColorScheme,
) = AppNameMaterial3ColorScheme(
  containedButtonContainer = colorScheme.primary,
  onContainedButtonContainer = colorScheme.onPrimary,
inside my AppTheme, create it:
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val (colorScheme, appNameColorTheme) = when {
  darkTheme -> DarkColorScheme to darkAppNameColorScheme(DarkColorScheme)
  else -> LightColorScheme to lightAppNameColorScheme(LightColorScheme)
And pass it down through a local inside my AppTheme composable
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LocalHedvigMaterial3ColorScheme provides appNameColorTheme,
And finally add this to my colorScheme so that it’s convenient to use, just like I would any other item from inside colorScheme
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val ColorScheme.containedButtonContainer: Color
  get() = LocalAppNameMaterial3ColorScheme.current.containedButtonContainer

val ColorScheme.onContainedButtonContainer: Color
  get() = LocalAppNameMaterial3ColorScheme.current.onContainedButtonContainer
Where it’s an extension on ColorScheme, simply to not make this look odd from all the other cases, now can just call