Hello everyone, I'm not sure which framework to bl...
# kotest
Hello everyone, I'm not sure which framework to blame, but I can't get test filtering working with Kotest, Maven Failsafe and Tags, given a simple example like this:
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package com.example.demo

import io.kotest.core.spec.style.ShouldSpec
import org.junit.jupiter.api.Tag
import org.junit.jupiter.api.fail

class IntegrationIT : ShouldSpec({

    should("fail") {
        fail { "fail" }
This test will always be run by failsafe, even if I specify the groups/tags to run to be something else
Kotest won't honour JUnit Jupiter tags. That is a separate framework. Try using kotest tags.
In that case, I guess something like this could work as a workaround:
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This could work for both regular JUnit 5 tests and Kotest tests; I couldn't find a specific Maven property to override so I just passed it as a system property