Are there any properly documented XML parsing libr...
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Are there any properly documented XML parsing libraries for kotlin? I tried to make use of xlmutil but since it lacks even basic documentation and use examples I'm not making any headway into getting it to work.
I think I'm just going to have to use regex because at least the files I'm working on are well and consistently formatted with just one pair of tags per line and there doesn't appear to be any mature support for XML on kotlin
Isn't xmlutil "just" an implementation of kotlinx.serialization? So follow that main documentation and I guess it should work?
after hours of trial and error I managed to get some small amount of data out of my xml, but the moment I add deserialization for a tag with an attribute and value it just crashes the whole kotlin compiler with
Backend Internal error: Exception during IR lowering
so I don't think it's really ready to use yet...
how familiar are you with Kotlinx Serialization? I suspect that XmlUtil assumes functional experience with KxS.