02/27/2023, 11:08 PM
Numerous error messages are appearing about unresolved references after running the following:
./gradlew :kotlin-native:dist
Many of these references already exist in the Kotlin fork, and should be picked up during the compilation process. Below is one of the error messages:
kotlin/kotlin-native/shared/src/main/kotlin/org/jetbrains/kotlin/konan/target/ClangArgs.kt:201:24 Unresolved reference: RP2040
The reference referred to in the error message above exists in this file:
Does the :kotlin-native-shared:compileKotlin Gradle task use the same source root directory as the dist Gradle task?
Where does
get its KonanTarget references from?
Nothing seems to work with resolving the issue. A clean start was made with creating a new branch that uses a different base (using the 1.8.0 branch), which will hopefully not have the same issues as the other branch 🤞.
All of the same issues are occurring with the new branch. Build process is failing with the :kotlin-native-shared:compileKotlin Gradle task with no way to get past it.