# compiler


02/27/2023, 11:08 PM
Numerous error messages are appearing about unresolved references after running the following:
./gradlew :kotlin-native:dist
Many of these references already exist in the Kotlin fork, and should be picked up during the compilation process. Below is one of the error messages:
kotlin/kotlin-native/shared/src/main/kotlin/org/jetbrains/kotlin/konan/target/ClangArgs.kt:201:24 Unresolved reference: RP2040
The reference referred to in the error message above exists in this file:
Does the kotlin native sharedcompileKotlin Gradle task use the same source root directory as the dist Gradle task?
Where does
get its KonanTarget references from?
Nothing seems to work with resolving the issue. A clean start was made with creating a new branch that uses a different base (using the 1.8.0 branch), which will hopefully not have the same issues as the other branch 🤞.
All of the same issues are occurring with the new branch. Build process is failing with the kotlin native sharedcompileKotlin Gradle task with no way to get past it.