In the Moko resources documentation, I’m not seein...
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In the Moko resources documentation, I’m not seeing a clear documentation on how to specify a full locale for a resource, that is the language code and country code. On Android it would be, as an example:
, and so on. This works well on Android, as it creates the strings in this format:
, it also works quite well on iOS (in some cases needed some workarounds), but it generates the .lproj such as
. This apparently is illegal when trying to upload to iTunes, as it requires a format of
. This is the error that is then shown on iTunes:
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"Payload/" ) are invalid. iTunes supports BCP47 but not the UN M.49 specification. Refer to the Language and Locale Designations guide at
Question: how am I to resolve this correctly? I see this PR:, but it was never merged
at now this request not merged, yes. but it will be
All right, as we stand now, the solution is to make a build script after the files are generated to rename them into appropriate iOS supported ones. So, not the best solution by far 😞