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02/28/2023, 3:59 PM
alphabet yellow question 📦 alphabet yellow question Hey everyone, I'm trying to gauge interest in a possible distribution-as-a-service product. It would be based on Hydraulic Conveyor and have the same feature set, but be delivered as a hosted SaaS rather than a downloadable tool. You would use it by uploading a zip containing a config file+input files, optionally containing your signing keys (or pointing at a hosted HSM service as provided by CAs), then we'd convert that into a download+update site at a hosted URL. You then just point your users there and you have a self-updating desktop app for all platforms. Probably the Gradle plugin would be able to do that upload for you. The primary difference vs the local tool would be that you could use it just using HTTP/curl/gradle/a browser and you wouldn't have to think about hosting, the flip side is you wouldn't be able to use pre-existing EV USB dongles if you have those, and the iteration speed is obviously lower than when working with a local tool. What do you guys think? Please reply in a thread. Specifically interested in knowing whether there are any people who would use this but wouldn't use Conveyor in downloadable tool form. thank you! simple smile
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