# multiplatform

Mark Vogel

02/28/2023, 4:19 PM
I have multiplatform project A that needs to be compiled into a library. It also depends on another multiplatform library B (i.e. the common source set has
). I get an unusual error when I attempt to build the project: I made a post on this earlier in this thread that you can find here. Since then I've done a lot of testing and debugging and determined that the issue stems from having the same
in the build.gradle.kts of project A as project B; if I change the group in project A then it builds. I can't seem to reproduce this using two other multiplatform projects and I do not understand why it is occurring. Note that I have determined that changing the name of my JS source set doesn't have any affect Has anyone else encountered something like this before? I'd appreciate it if someone is able to shed light on what the root cause could be