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02/28/2023, 7:31 PM
I did a quick view over decouple, the API looks good. A bit simpler/cleaner than decompose. Any reason why Gitlab and not GitHub? Never used gitlab before, do they have stars, sponsorship and the kind of social features GitHub has? I might create an account later to be able to star it


03/01/2023, 9:07 AM
Hi, I'm the creator of Decouple. For further questions, please ask in #decouple (David has been very nice with helping me establish the goals of the project, I don't want to flood his channel) GitLab doesn't have sponsorship to my knowledge. The main reason I use it is because their feature set is much, much greater than GitHub and costs less. You can expect most things to be identical (e.g. "pull requests" are called "merge requests", but they're essentially the same thing). As an example of what features I miss from GitHub: if you open this MR : • below the CI widget, there is a "view latest app" that you can use to access a dynamically-created environment that hosts the artifacts for that build (this way, designers / product owners can directly see what the new version of the app does at the review stage) • you can have complex approval rules (e.g. in this case you can see my approval is required because the
configuration is impacted) • when writing comments on a merge request, it sends a single mail at the end of the review instead of sending one email for each comment • the CI is run on the merge result, not the actual branch, this ensures two branches merged at the same time don't conflict with each other (documentation)
I do maintain a fork of the project on GitHub (here: which will be kept in sync, but it is read-only. It's mostly here because recruiters etc tend to look at GitHub only, so I mirror all my important projects there If someone requests to setup a GitHub sponsorship, I will probably use it for that


03/01/2023, 2:20 PM
I see, thanks for the information Ivan. I am not too familiar with it. Thanks for answering 👍🏻