Gotcha, will do some of my own experimenting then....
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Gotcha, will do some of my own experimenting then. Do you know if theres a way to handle the input on a individual composable level rather than at the top level inside
but outside
? My goal is to have multiple different “screen” analogs each self contained in a single Composable and handling the user input differently and independently. Using LaunchedEffect didnt do the trick im guessing for the same reason as the linked bug report. WOuld i just have to pull that out of the composable level entirely?
I got this mostly working, Im using LaunchedEffect despite [this]( posted issue and it seems to be working fine but YMMV, this is just a testing CLI so its good enough for me. First pass at this, could definitely use improvement and i dont know enough about the compose internals to understand the impact of the issue above