# doodle

Nazar Pohonchuk

03/01/2023, 11:15 PM
General question. At the university, instead of an exam, there will be a project (web application) on the subject of 'Web programming', the topic of which I have to come up with. The teacher uses .Net and React, so the lectures will be based on these technologies, but students can use anything they like. I was learning Kotlin and started learning Android (TO-DO is the hardest thing I've done), so I want to do a project in an already familiar language. Project requirements: 1. Swagger UI 2. Authorization using a Google account or Azure AD 3. Use a database and ORM 4. Dependency injection 5. Use an open API 6. Data processing algorithm (conversion, mapping, calculation) 7. Use Azure Monitor (Application Insights) to store and analyze application logs 8. Deployment of the project in Azure 9. All code must be stored on GitHub with constant updates 10. Configure Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery There is documentation and testing as well. It looks terrifying, because I, like most students, am 0 in the front-end. I only tried Ktor a little. I thought about using Compose for Web, but there is not much information. There are no courses or books, the documentation is minimal. The Kotlin documentation has this, but I don't know React, so I think it won't be easy. Finally the question. Would you recommend Doodle to me? I like Kotlin and I like Doodle, but there is not much information. I mean I can't just find an answer on stackoverflow for my newbie question. And one more question. Do you have a group in Telegram or any other messenger for a Doodle community? Thank you very much for your reply


03/01/2023, 11:22 PM
I highly recommend Doodle and this is best place to get help. Just ask away!


03/02/2023, 1:55 AM
Hey @Nazar Pohonchuk. You can definitely use Doodle to complete your project. It works really well with 3rd party tools like Ktor. You can find more comprehensive tutorials here as well; including one (PhotoStream) that uses Ktor to fetch images from Unsplash. There is also the documentation site (though it does need a bit more content as well). Finally, you can ask questions here as @ayodele mentioned. We're happy to help.