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03/03/2023, 12:20 AM
Is there anything I should know about the kotlin native sharedcompileKotlin Gradle task? How does this Gradle task work when the source files are scattered all over the place? As an example a new Family (BARE_METAL) is defined in Family.kt. During the build process the :compile-kotlin task fails. Some fixes are made and the task complete successfully. On another run of the build process the kotlin native sharedcompileKotlin task (next task after :compile-kotlin) fails with some errors on unresolved references to
. Nothing can be done to fix the issue since it isn't known how references are resolved/handled with the kotlin native sharedcompileKotlin task, even though it is processing some of the same source files as the :compile-kotlin task.
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With the way things are going I think that the problems come from the Kotlin code base. As a result I have created a new issue in the Kotlin Issue Tracker: