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Alina Dolgikh [JB]

03/03/2023, 1:41 PM
🆕 📹 Here’s the March edition of the Kotlin webinar series, brought to you by @antonarhipov and our guests. 📹 Application Development With Kotlin Flow - March 8 @ 4 PM UTC During the live coding session, Yury Ruchin from Synthesized will explain: • How to create and run flows. • The differences between cold flows and hot flows. • The connection between flows and coroutines. Register ▶️ 📹 Hexagonal Architecture Inside the Hexagon Toolkit – March 22 @ 4 PM UTC Join the webinar with Juanjo Aguililla @hexagon_kt to learn about the design goals of the Hexagon Toolkit and explore the principles of Hexagonal Architecture that are applied to achieve these goals. Sign up here:
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