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03/03/2023, 2:36 PM
I’m in a pickle, I have this state object that I would like to work with as a state in 1 file without having changes to it reflect outside of this 1 file, where that same state object is being observed for other changes how can I get a copy of it and make that a state as well without having this affect the original object?
val genreTags = filterState?.genreTags?.collectAsState()
i want to have this object be a copy of the one in filterState but just to be worked on in this file alone
i’m wrapping it with remember, but that also makes it affected by whatever i do in the file
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val genreTags: List<GenreTag>? = filterState?.genreTags?.collectAsState()?.value

val tags = remember { mutableStateOf(genreTags) }
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val tags = remember { mutableStateOf(filterState?.genreTags?.value) }