# gsoc

HyunWoo Lee

03/04/2023, 6:34 AM
Hi everyone! I’m HyunWoo Lee, conputer engineering student in Konkuk University from South Korea. I’ve studied Kotlin and Android Development since 2020 and now I am currently working as an Android developer at a company called Mathpresso(making QANDA - AI Education Solution) to fulfill my mandatory military service. I’ve been interested in Compose and open source contribution. I contributed Android conference applications written in Compose and some open source projects. I am currently interested in Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform, so I am creating sample apps in my spare time. It’s fascinating to me that I can create apps for both platforms using my favorite language, Kotlin (some codes are written in Swift or Objective-C). I’d love to develop this wonderful tech, so that I’m interested in working on the Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries and making contributions for KMM developer ecosystem. Also I’d be happy to contribute Groovy to Kotlin Gradle DSL Converter project, since I’m using
and it’ll be useful for me and other developers using Kotlin DSL for gradle :) I would love to discuss for these implementations & projects. And you can see & know more about me here. Thanks & Regards HyunWoo Lee