Hi everyone, we're experiencing something very wei...
# compose
Hi everyone, we're experiencing something very weird with Compose - Samsung S9 becomes unusable (starts lagging and overheating) if you enable TalkBack/Screenreader on an app with Compose code. This issue can be observed simply by running the Google Play Store app on such a device with screen reader on. ­čÜĘ We've only been able to reproduce on Samsung S9 (reproduced on 2 different physical devices). We have a limited number of devices available to test on but we believe all S9s to be affected. Has anyone seen something similar or able to reproduce this?
fyi S9s are running Android 10
How are you so sure all S9s are affected?
As I've said this is the current belief/theory in the team - nowhere in my post does it say I am sure about it. We've reproduced on the two different devices we have access to. Hence why the message here to find out if anyone else has seen this or has an S9 and is willing to try to reproduce this. If I was sure about it I'd just submit a bugreport
Please file a bug