# getting-started

Aditya Mishra

03/04/2023, 7:06 PM
I am currently learning android development. I am well versed in basic android development like using coroutines, retrofit, and room. What is the backend specific to the android development, like network calling and interacting with the local database using room or SQL? It is considered a backend. If not then what actually is it. I am confused with the term backend, what should I need to be aware of before learning backend and what are some good resources regarding that.

Gleb Minaev

03/05/2023, 5:17 AM
I guess there is no "Android specific" library for backend. If you need to implement simple server then you can look at Ktor for example. But any other web library/framework can be used as well. List of popular libraries is available in Korlin docs or in kotlin community awesome list. This library/framework helps you build a server that can handle requests. When it comes to SQL you have to choose SQL library as well. Usually it is not associated with your web library/framework. But sometimes in very rare cases it is: Spring is a very big complex of frameworks (that it can be called "combine harvester" 😄) that it has its own solutions for interaction with DBs as well. But I would recommend you not to look at Spring without specific need. A Kotlin community list awesome of DB libraries. And I also recommend you to ask such questions in #server. And library/framework specific questions in library/framework specific channels (like #ktor).

Aditya Mishra

03/05/2023, 6:31 AM
Okay thanks.