I want to experiment with Compose/Material 3 (hith...
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I want to experiment with Compose/Material 3 (hitherto, been playing with M2). I'm running up-to-date Electric Eel (Patch 2). When I create a "New Project" for Compose Material 3 Preview, it's gradle file is filled with "newer version available" warning. On all but one, I can successfully update and resync. I'm able to change to compose 1.3.3. The one that causes problems is switching from
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If I try that, then I see the following:
Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration 'appdebugRuntimeClasspath'.
Problems reading data from Binary store in /Users/travisg/.gradle/.tmp/gradle5350045280407365709.bin offset 33566 exists? true
Corrupt serialized resolution result. Cannot find selected module (287) for releaseVariantReleaseRuntimePublication -> androidx.lifecyclelifecycle viewmodel ktx2.6.0-beta01
I've tried invalidating all caches and restarting, but nothing makes this go away. Is this just a bit of secret knowledge (don't use that version yet because some reason beyond me to understand)?