Hi! I'm trying to view Kotlin sources by using the...
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Hi! I'm trying to view Kotlin sources by using the Go To Implementation navigation. I'm directed to the
expect fun
rather than the JVM implementation, with no way to navigate to actual implemenations. I tried upgrading to 2023.1-Beta but same issues. Any idea on how to accomplish that?
Thanks, indeed looks the same issue. No solution though :s
I wonder if it has anything to do with it being defined in intrinisics part of Kotlin code. Mouseover shows it is using kotlin_metadata:
tested with several Kotlin versions, Gradle versions and IntelliJ versions; the issue remains. I suspect the common implementation contains the .kotlin_metadata that provides the needed info to retrieve the JVM implementation, but IntelliJ does not manage to retrieve it. I can find the implementation in the "External Libraries" section of the Project, so it is there. As I'm currently running on a rather specific setup, I'll first try to reproduce on another machine and log an issue for it if I can reproduce.