I just released the eight release candidate for kt...
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I just released the eight release candidate for kt-search 2.0. https://github.com/jillesvangurp/kt-search With this release and the previous one, I fixed several issues reported by users. I'm trying to fix them as they come in. But it is great to see some traction for this. Also, we are completing the rollout of this internally, which inevitably causes some progressive insight to make things better. Kt-search is a Kotlin Multi Platform library to search across the Opensearch and Elasticsearch ecosystem on any platform that kotlin can compile to. It provides Kotlin DSLs for querying, defining mappings, bulk indexing, index templates, index life cycle management, index aliases, and much more. The key goal for this library is to provide a best in class developer experience for using Elasticsearch and Opensearch. Highlights for the 2.0 release: • Complete rewrite on top of multi platform libraries (kotlinx.serialization, ktor-client, datetime, coroutines). You can run this in a browser, in a lambda function, or integrate this with your favorite JVM based application server. • Compatibility with opensearch and elasticsearch in several versions. • Extensive Kotlin DSLs for queries, aggregations, mappings, bulk indexing, etc. • Type safety: you can use kotlin class properties or enum values instead of string literals in a lot of places. • Lots of DX related features that cut down on the boiler plate needed to do things with elasticsearch or opensearch. • Complete coverage of all relevant features in the manual. Have a look, let me know what you think, what you like, what you don't like, etc. Would you use this? If not, what is the key thing you are missing?
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