Can anyone point to educational material (talks, d...
# compose-web
Can anyone point to educational material (talks, demos, etc) for compose-web to supplement what's available at ?
I'm especially interested in how to develop apps that can run in the browser or desktop, with minimal duplication of effort.
Hi Nick, you can simply share the composables between Android, Desktop and Web Canvas. In my project You can see how the composable subproject has been setup, even if it's just Android and Desktop, at the moment, but you can easily add Web Canvas. In the next weeks, it should be possibile to use Kotlin/Wasm instead of Kotlin/JS for Web Canvas. That's what actually I am waiting for in order to add the Web target. But you can already use Kotlin/JS, without having to write any new composable than those already valid for Android and Desktop.
Thanks Daniele! I was hoping that's how it would work, I'll review what you shared ­čŹ╗
I am a newby here for kotlin compose web and I am a bit suprised to see that the UI components are actually not useable yet. For the me website and blogposts suggest that everything is already in place. According to
Reactive web UIs for Kotlin, based on Google's modern toolkit
suggests it is already possible to create those UIs
Also the kotlin/js canvas and kotlin/wasm I only found out through the discussion. A pointer to some examples (even if alpha code) would be nice for a newby to start experimenting. (I do not mean to offend someone or rant, but actually hope this can be improved because I think this has a lot of potential)