I recently updated some dependencies for our Kotli...
# multiplatform
I recently updated some dependencies for our Kotlin Multiplatform project, and now I am unable to create a new IOS-release. Here are the dependencies that were updated:
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multiplatform 1.6.10 -> 1.8.10
plugin.serialization 1.6.10 -> 1.8.10
ktor 1.6.7 -> 2.2.2.
kotlinx-serialization-core 1.2.2. -> 1.4.1
The error message that I am receiving is as follows:
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Execution failed for task ':linkReleaseFrameworkIosArm64'
'org.gradle.api.provider.Provider org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.tasks.KotlinNativeLink.getIntermediateLibrary()'
I am not sure where to begin with debugging this issue. Running --debug/--info/--warning-mode=all does not provide much information. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
That looks promising. @Adam S It is not specified in the comment where the replacement should be made, do you know?
No sorry, I don’t. I presume it’s somewhere in your build config, or perhaps your build has another Gradle plugin that needs to be amended.
Thanks, I'll try to figuring it out
Check your other gradle plugins and update them for compatibility, e.g.
or similar
@Konstantin Tskhovrebov Thank you so much, this solved our issues 🙂