We have KSP in our project and to have its generat...
# ksp
We have KSP in our project and to have its generated files be picked up by Android tasks, we had to declare on our build.gradle inside `android{}`:
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sourceSets {
    debug.java.srcDirs += 'build/generated/ksp/debug/kotlin'
    release.java.srcDirs += 'build/generated/ksp/release/kotlin'
    testDebug.java.srcDirs += 'build/generated/ksp/debugUnitTest/kotlin'
    androidTestDebug.java.srcDirs += 'build/generated/ksp/debugAndroidTest/kotlin'
This was added while we were using Kotlin 1.7.x... on our tests using Kotlin 1.8.10, this doesnt seem to be necessary anymore, and I am trying to confirm if this was fixed? Thanks
I think this trick was for the IDE to be aware. If the doc is right, it's still required for IDE, and maybe your IDE works because of some IDE cached files? Have you tried to invalidate your IDE cache and/or remove the .idea and then reload your project to see if it's still alright for IDE without the sourceSets trick?
Hey glureau, I did indeed invalidate the caches and removed my .idea directory, and things just work now. You're right that it could be the idea, i know it was not working on Dolphin, but on EE and Giraffe things seem to be fine
Actually, the doc is outdated and we should update it, since latest KSP 1.0.9, it should be already included for IDE to index.
Amazing, thanks for the confirmation!