Does anyone know if there’s an equivalent of the S...
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Does anyone know if there’s an equivalent of the SwiftUI onAppear for compose? I have a custom modifier i’m using for whole pages, but it basically just fires only the first time something enters the composition. So it works well for full pages, but if i want to fire it for portions of a page in say a LazyColumn it’s not really what we want.
LaunchedEffect(Unit) {}
should be your “do something on first composition and never again” thing, but not quite following the rest of the explanation you’re giving.
does not meet the requirements of what we’re looking for. That will fire whenever something first enters the composition. I need something that fires when at least 1 pixel of the element is actually visible to the user. I think i’ve figured it out sort of. I made a modifier that will use the onGloballyPositioned callback to monitor the state. Whenever that fires, i can check to see if the LayoutCoordinates intersect the LayoutCoordinates of the root composable. It’s a variant of a different modifier i have that is more meant for full screen things rather than individual elements:
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private fun LayoutCoordinates.isAtLeastPartiallyVisible(view: View): Boolean {
    if (!isAttached) return false
    // Window relative bounds of our compose root view that are visible on the screen
    val globalRootRect =
    if (!view.getGlobalVisibleRect(globalRootRect)) {
        // we aren't visible at all.
        return false

    val root = findRootLayoutCoordinates()
    val positionInRoot = positionInRoot()

    val rootRect = {
        left = 0
        right = root.size.width
        top = 0
        bottom = root.size.height

    val itemRect = {
        left = positionInRoot.x.toInt()
        right = positionInRoot.x.toInt() + size.width
        top = positionInRoot.y.toInt()
        bottom = positionInRoot.y.toInt() + size.height

    val isPartiallyVisibile = itemRect.intersect(rootRect)

    return isPartiallyVisibile
I’m using that in a
modifier to manage whether something has been seen or not, get the layout coordinates, collect the state, etc…