# doodle


03/10/2023, 4:52 PM
I want to build a very simple UI for users who only use their smart-phones for internet access (almost exclusively iPhone). But, I understand "SVG capabilities on mobile browsers are not equal to SVG capabilities on modern desktop computer browsers, and mobile browsers may support fewer SVG features, or may have slower performance when rendering complex SVG graphics. Additionally, mobile browsers may have different support for SVG-related technologies, such as animation and scripting, than desktop browsers." -- ChatGPT That said, do you think it is not worth attempting to build a doodle UI for iPhone Safari that does basically one thing, varying only the images (pictures) displayed. This is the use case: - Display an image of a ring (jewelry) with an empty setting in the middle of the page. - Display a vertical strip of small images (stones) on the right side of the page. As the user moves her finger down the sliding, vertical strip of stone images, the image at y-coordinate=0 appears in the ring's setting (in the center of the page). The only variations of this use case are displaying a different model ring (or necklace) in the center of the page, and different stones or pendants in the right-hand-side vertical (sliding) strip. Do you think doodle-svg could do this in iOS Safari? Do you think I should even try?