Hello, I have a question. Why KMM doesn't have I...
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Hello, I have a question. Why KMM doesn't have IOS emulator in Windows? And will KMM have IOS emulator in Windows OS in the future?
This is probably due to Apple not providing an iOS emulator for other platforms than macOS
This is something that apple needs to provide...
And that is very very likely not going to happen....
In Flutter we can use Android and IOS emulators in Windows OS, but in KMM we can't? 🤔 🤔
Does flutter really provide ios emulator on windows? Have you ever done it yourself? I don't see how that could work.
Since flutter is redrawing everything, I don’t think they need an emulator to run, just a simple canvas
honestly, I don’t know much about flutter, I’m just guessing
I know that we can use Flutter for Android and IOS in Windows OS
can you show us an example of how you run your ios emulator on windows?
are you using something like this? https://pub.dev/packages/device_preview
OK, I think you are using the Flutter Inspector? https://docs.flutter.dev/development/tools/devtools/inspector
This is not emulation, the app doesn’t run on a real emulated iOS device.
II’m pretty sure Apple’s entire company policy is that Apple code can only run on Apple hardware. Even cloud providers offering macOS machine images need to run it on physical macOS devices (AWS uses Mac Minis, for example). My guess is that Flutter isn’t actually running in an iOS emulated environment. They might just be mocking an iOS device frame to make it look like it’s running on iOS. This strategy doesn’t quite work with Compose, since Flutter basically embeds a Dart VM to run everything in, while Kotlin compiles to native iOS code. The only real way to know your Compose app will run correctly on iOS is to actually run it on a physical or simulated iOS device.
Thanks for your answers! 🙂
yeah i doubt flutter’s device preview has reliable access to every single type of api that iOS has