I get this error a sorta decent amount. It typical...
# apollo-kotlin
I get this error a sorta decent amount. It typically has me guessing and checking (commenting stuff out and back in) to get an idea for what the error actually is.
com.apollographql.apollo3.exception.ApolloParseException: Failed to parse GraphQL http network response
am I missing something on how to identify what line or field is causing the issue
There should be more to this exception
There should be
or something like this. If you dump everything, it'll say "caused by"
Usually it's a missing field or a bad json
Printing out cause or any other field available on exception didn't do anything besides the above message. BUT the debugger did show more info!
2023-03-11 at 18.47.35.png
Hm. It looks like the type generated by apollo after generating the schema, does not match what the backend is telling me the type is. Hmmmmmm
doesn't include cause,
does, and most logging frameworks should have a way to include it
hm. I tried printStackTrace as well (i just used the ides autocomplete to try to print out anything relevant). i'll try again though. maybe i somehow missed it
That's in your Date adapter. Looks like you're trying to parse a
while your server only sends Date (no time)
Ah that's your next message 👍
Yeah — I thought it was worthy of a new top level question. phew. what a rollercoaster this has been lol