# doodle
Here is my "most recent" commonWebpackConfig: js(IR) { - browser() + browser { + compilations.all { + kotlinOptions { + metaInfo = true + sourceMap = true + sourceMapEmbedSources = "always" + verbose = true + } + } + commonWebpackConfig { + devServer?.
= false + devServer?.
= 9090 + mode = DEVELOPMENT + devtool = EVAL_SOURCE_MAP + sourceMaps = true + showProgress = true + } + } binaries.executable() - }
Your config looks fine to me. I’m not sure if source maps are available for the release builds of Doodle. Maybe someone can verify this since I’m AFKB for the next several days.
Can you show what’s inside the Users/neddy/… directory tree?
Yes... a few minutes... Users/neddy/*
I cannot load content for any file under Users/neddy.
I don't mind working with my own doodle dev build of latest release. You do use src maps of your framework,right? And there's an easy way for me to generate them? If so, can you show me?
I’ve seen issues (when working with local builds of a framework) that source maps only work when I do a clean build of the framework. I haven’t tried them with a release build. So I’d recommend building Doodle locally and using that as your dependency if you want to step through the code. You can also ask more about this in the #javascript channel.
I will leave you alone soon... I'm trying to build your framework (tag v0.9.0). I set language level to 1.8. But I cannot compile:
Execution failed for task ':buildSrc:compileKotlin'.
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class <|>
I am using openjdk 17, but lang-level in IDE is set to 1.8.
Using the gradle-wrapper (& ./gradlew)
i was able to build on linux using jdk 17. though i’m not sure if it was openjdk (i’m on holiday so can’t confirm). this looks like an issue upstream of Doodle. maybe check with #multiplatform to see if anyone can help?