04/28/2023, 7:31 AM
Happy Friday, everyone! At Xapo, we are searching for a developer with iOS experience. Yes, you heard it right - iOS! Why? We are using KMM in significant parts of our app and we are looking to expand our mobile team. iOS experience is necessary in this case, as your daily life would be split between KMM and iOS. Who are we? Xapo started as a bitcoin custodian 10 years ago, holding up to 900,000 Bitcoins at one point. Currently, we have evolved into a crypto-native private bank, merging the benefits of both worlds. We have been a remote company for the last 6 years, so there are no surprises in changes to our remote policy (we’re talking to you, Meta, Amazon, etc.) Wanna know more about xapo? here Current stack? • KMM • SwiftUI / Compose What to expect? • A highly agile environment (weekly releases, lightweight bureaucracy, small squads where your opinion counts) • Good pay (80k-110k depending on your experience) • Lots of space to grow • Work from anywhere (core timezone is Europe, but we have people in America too) Want more info? You can find it here.