asdf asdf

05/25/2023, 3:59 AM
Has anyone else using the 2023.2 EAP edition noticed extremely slow file reformats? I've had reformats take upwards of 10 seconds for files only 70-100 lines long

Anton Mefodichev

05/25/2023, 7:48 AM
Can you please clarify, is it possible to reproduce the issue for a new simple project? Does the issue reproduce if try to do reformat several times? Does the issue reproduce if restart IDEA and reopen the project? Thank you in advance!
In addition, in case of performance issues, you can use the following guide and submit a request to Support team. Thank you!


05/25/2023, 7:54 PM
Yes, I did notice. Then I get a popup saying the search for .editorconfig timed out.