I have a lazy row and it has images. When i select...
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I have a lazy row and it has images. When i select an item the color is set on the selected item. I want to animate the color from previous selected item to the current selected item. Any ideas how to achieve this screen shot in thread
At the top there are crops. On selection of crop the background color moves from previous selected item to current selection item
I am thinking of using scrollable tabs with customer indicator. Currently i am using lazy row
With Scrollable tab I am able to do this. Not sure if there is a better way.
Yeah looks good doesn’t it? Are you having trouble making this work inside the lazy list? If this were me, I think I’d have this entire item as one lazy list entry, and not one for the indicators and one for the content right below it. It will probably make it easier to work with.
If its possible to do with LazyRow that would be great!
They seem to use HorizontalScrollView and animate the background only using valueAnimator.